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The Basement:

The Home of 360 Interactive Video Theatre

Future Entertainment

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Summer 21

The Verdict, Our first 360 Interactive Video Play

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"Mixing Video with stage"

Virtual Staging to reduce costs
With no funding we are creating new ways to reach audiences

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Find us in Leeds
The basement is the home of 360 Interactive Video Theatre productions, and a resource focused on developing acting talent. We offer paid acting and writing opportunities every month so get in touch and help us create.

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The home of 360 Interactive Video Theatre

Be part of the basement

New Performances.
The world has changed and it is becoming almost impossible for organisations that do not receive funding from the government to afford the cost of staging theatre productions. This restricts creative opportunities, especially for those not connected with suported organisations. Our work therefore focusses on reducing production cost through the use of 360 Interactive Videos to bring you new types of theatre performances from our basement. Performances for you to watch online and one day live by way of Holograms. Your choice.
We specialise in Selective Interactive Videos, the core of our 360 Interactive Video productions, allowing for new creatve ideas in storytelling. The possibilities are endless and the creations amazing. Our first production (Government restrictions permitting) is planned for Summer 21. Reserve your ticket today as early support is always appreciated.

Visit our Plays website for more about 'The Verdict' and our work on stage

360 Interactive Video Theatre:

360 Video of a theatre performance with interaction so you can get information about what you see or control the action. Performances can be watched on a 360 Degree player where you use the mouse or touch screen to control the 360 view. On a tablet where you can move the tablet around to control what you see or a full 360 headset to fully immerse yourself in the 360 environment making it feel like you're there.

Hologram Theatre:

Full sized 3D projections of actors performing a play on a hologram stage.

The advantages:
  • Actors do not have to be available for each performance yet their talent can be enjoyed by many more improving their chance of being noticed and re-employed.
  • Actors stage work are captured for prosperity. Like movies, stage artists can benefit from repeat showings and audiences can enjoy the repeat performances
  • Reduce staging and performance costs. This means more productions can be made and staged, increasing work opportunities for actors and giving wider choice to audiences
  • A reason to come to the theatre. A lot is being made of online entertainment taking over from off-line. For us it is not one or the other but both and these new types of theatres are an exciting way of bringing these two worlds together.
  • Hologram theatre and 360 Interactive Video Theatre are new art forms that with support can provide work for artists struggling to make a living from existing opportunities. A new future for the arts.
Reserve a ticket to see our first online 360 Interactive Video Theatre Play - Summer 21. The best way to support our work.

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Space to create

Come to the basement

Rehearsals. Looking for space to create or to try your routine out with a small invited audience?
  • Comedy Routine
  • Spoken word performance
  • Play development
  • Public speaking practice
  • Presentation preparation
Our basement space is an ideal place for those with passion to explore their creativity.
Contact Us to book your session space.


Our First 360 Interactive Video Play

Play: The Verdict Summer 21
Poster Register a request for tickets.


Find us at: The basement, Sandway Business Center, Shannon Street, Leeds LS9 8SS

Contact us for any general enquires.