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We are storytellers
Selective Interactive Videos
The best stories told with passion


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” Mahatma Gandhi.



We are a Digital Media and Theatre Production Company, specialising in Selective Interactive Video (SIV)

We are storytellers: The best stories told with passion

This is 2b Acting

Different Entertainment
Our InView platform is where our Selective Interactive Video stories are told and where you can experience different entertainment using Enhanced Mode.
Open the door to unlimited possibilities

Interactive Passion
We have a passionate belief that one day all videos will be interactive. This is the dawn of a new age of creativity. Simply put we are working hard to spark an excitement in Interactive productions to create a vibrant new industry.
An exciting future

Powerful stories
We believe in the power of interactive video to better engage viewers with stories that matter. Stories that can make a difference. We want what we do to be entertaining and relevant.
Hard to ignore

Break boundaries
We are using interactive videos in areas where they have never been used to create new opportunities for actors. Currently, less than 2% of actors can make a full time living from their profession. We want to create enough jobs so 100% of actors can make a full time living.
Making the impossible happen

Four pillars that makes 2b Acting. To support us
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Creating ground-breaking digital media and theatre productions since 2001

When would you say no?

The NO series

The ‘NO series‘ use video interactivity to help you find your truth. Depending on your selections will determine what you see in the videos and how they end, when you watch in Enhanced Mode.
A hard-hitting series that raise subjects that have an impact on society and ends with questions where the right answer should be NO, yet somehow this is not the answer. In ‘NO: The Line’, the latest release, the question is, “Is it right to brainwash a population?”.

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First look

Today and Tomorrow: Interactive

Our ground-breaking soap drama returns with a big difference: It will be interactive. The series is in production (although now delayed by COVID19) and starts with the first look episode: Kate, which is available on InView now.
The series consist of hidden storylines and clues. Take the role of a detective and try and uncover clues to reveal more when you watch in Enhanced Mode.

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Note: Catch up on Today and Tomorrow Series 3. Now showing on InView.

Witch Trinity Motion Comic

Witch Trinity Motion Comic

This is a first, using video to create a moving comic. Follow the story of three witches as they begin their battle with evil in part one of the series.
Read now and discover the power of Enhanced Mode on InView.

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Note: Catch up on the Witch Trinity series. Books available now on Amazon.

Space Vorilex

Space Vorilex

This is a first-person adventure series where, in Enhanced Mode, you play the role of A.I. unit Janus. An artificial intelligent being created by the Human Survival Agency (HSA) with a mission to save the human race.
Play now and discover the power of Enhanced Mode on InView.

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Note: New story paths will be added to challenge you until the end.


A Unique Independent Selective Interactive Video Channel

The InView Channel

The InView Channel

It starts with a warm welcome

Watch InView like a regular Video channel or upgrade to Enhanced Mode to use the interactive features.
Visit InView and search the menu to see what's available.

Today and Tomorrow: Series 3

Today and Tomorrow: Series 3

New episodes added monthly

Your chance to catch up with this gripping drama series and be ready for the brand new Today and Tomorrow Interactive episodes.
Note: Episodes 1 to 3.36 available on-demand for Enhanced Mode viewers.

360 Viewpoint

360 Viewpoint

Share your Viewpoint

360 Viewpoint uses a 360 degree camera so you can watch from a different viewpoint with Enhanced Mode.

The Actors Script ACT VIII - Jun 20

The Actors Script is a national UK magazine for professional actors and those new to the acting industry.

An online publication

Features, Advice, Information

Inside this issue : Our featured articles: THE NEED TO TELL STORIES - the importance of actors, TYPES OF STORYTELLERS – Which will dominate?, WASTED TALENT – No more. 100% full acting employment is possible, NEW STORYTELLING FORMATS, THE POWER OF STORIES.

Useful resources such as ACTING EXERCISES: Divide your attention; ACTING TECHNIQUES; CV SAMPLE; LEGAL STUFF and more.

Plus are regulars: Inspirational stories to keep you going; 2b Acting's corner (our story, enhanced mode, insult or praise video, new series - Get Paid, Witch Trinity the Motion Comic and the start of New NO episodes); Film Grammar (How film works) and Selective Interactive Video (How it works);

Free Sample
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Witch Trinity Short Stories

A growing series of supernatural fantasy books

Read the latest release

“Witch Trinity The War”

With Serena the witch gone and the breaking of the spell that took magic from the world, it falls to Delf and Shorn with the aid of the Protectors to fight the rise of the Dark Coven.

Evil spreads across the globe as conversion squads roam unchecked, forcing humans to consume a potion turning them into controllable zombie-like creatures. Unnatural beings, unaffected by magical spells. A powerful army ready to take on and if possible, destroy the planet’s life force.

The fate of the world rests in the hands of five newly awaken witches and the sacrifice of yet another human soul.

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Discover more about the other books in the Witch Trinity series


Now available on Amazon


You don't have to do it alone. THERE IS ANOTHER WAY: 2b Acting's basement in Leeds

Help to capture you at your best on film

Come to the basement

Self-tape Auditions. A self-tape is being asked for more and more for auditions, especially since the CORVID-19 virus. As the actor you are provided with instructions from casting directors then it is up to you to film, edit, and return it, in place of attending the audition.

Now we know most actors do not have the facilities or expertise to film themselves at their best, but we do. In this way you as the actor is free to concentrate on what happens in front of camera and not what happens behind it.
Book a one hour slot today and make the basement work for you.
Plus, when you come you must give our Sarsaparilla (soft drink) a try.

More info and book


The person behind the camera can make a big difference.

News: 7th of August 2020

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