2b Acting - The future is Art 2b Acting - The future is Art
The future is art
The future is art
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Digital Media and Theatre Productions specialising in Selective Interactive Videos (SIV)


INVIEW: We have established our Interactive Video Viewer (InView) were you can experience new online entertainment. And it is pioneering our work into the world of Holograms.


We are passionate about growing the creative economy. Our projects shows we never follow the crowd as we strive to develop new opportunities for those who want 2B Acting.


It's our creativity that makes the difference, allowing us to be first. First online drama series, first Apps and now first in Selective Interactive Videos.


We have been aided by a number of organisations with funding and resource. The Arts Council England, The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Leeds City College, ITVlocal, to name just a few.


Producing digital media and theatre projects since 2001

The Future is Art

We are currently working on projects that will change the industry by creating new opportunities for artists. These projects will continually showcase areas where Selective Interactive Videos can make a difference in Entertainment and Business. Exciting stuff.

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Experience New Entertainment Today

Witch Trinity:Tarot Cards

Witch Trinity:Tarot Cards

The 'Power from Three' Spells

To promote the coming of the Witch Trinity series and support the sale of the books we have released the 'Power from Three' Tarot cards.
For those that believe in magic

NO 3:The Boss

NO 3:The Boss

What does privacy mean to you?

Compare your opinion with others by watching the video and answering four questions.
A series of videos to bring issues alive and show that creativity can make a difference.

Take Action 3:Flight Charges

Take Action 3:Flight Charges

Make a Flight Complaint

Excessive charges when you fly may be unfair and unjust. You don't have to just accept it. Watch the video and then Take Action. Why? Beacuse it's too easy to watch something then do nothing. Not anymore!

The Actors Script:InView

The Actors Script: InView

Let Interactive Videos work for you

An Amazing first - Issue V of the Actors Script available as an Interactive Video. Designed so you don't even have to turn the pages or read as the video does it all for you. We have openned a new industry for actors

Actors supported
InView daily visitors: 2020 target


Products available to buy to support our work

The Combat Acting Guide

The Combat Acting Guide

A series of instruction videos using the interactive facilities to make it easy to learn basic combat acting techniques. Videos available on demand. Pay want you want.


Today and Tomorrow Series 3

Today and Tomorrow Series 3

As a build up to the new interactive series we are releasing the 96 episodes of series 3 (Feb 19 to Sep 20) on InView with information tags to get you hooked. Pay want you want.

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A series of learning videos using the power of interaction to mix viusals, text and sound to aid learning five languages - German, Italian, French, Greek, Spainsh

Verbs Present - Verbs Past- Numbers- Colours - Weekdays

Witch Trinity Books

Witch Trinity Books

A six book supernatural fantasy series creating the world of Witch Trinity. Books available on Amazon.

The first four Witch Trinity Books

Skin Care

Skin Care

Before you buy - Information at your finger tips to make the right decision on what Skin Care products is best to buy from Ebay.

Watch the video and decide

The Actors Script: Magazine

The Actors Script: Magazine

This is a tri-annual online publication. A magazine for professionals actors and those new to the industry.

Buy the Actors Script Today

Promotion Service

Online Promotion Service

You can now use our InView Promotion Service to promote your products, services and events. Selling or getting noticed, this service is tailored to make your promotion more effective

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