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We are 2b Acting

Redefining Entertainment and Empowering Creatives

2b Acting is a ‘Not-for-Profit’ creative powerhouse, pioneering Selective Interactive Video (SIV) technology. We use SIV to create innovative online and offline experiences that inspire, educate, and entertain. Through theatre, cinema, digital media, and books, we create opportunities for talented artists to contribute, businesses to benefit and productions for audiences to enjoy.

What makes us unique?

New Markets for Creatives

New Markets for Creatives:
We create opportunities for actors, artists, and all kinds of creatives to earn a living using their talents.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive Storytelling:
SIV puts viewers in control, allowing them to choose their perspective or interact with the story in real-time.

Beyond Entertainment

Beyond Entertainment:
We apply SIV to various industries, from advertising to travel and education.

Explore our world:

InView Channel: Our online platform features shows like "Space Vorilex" (interactive space adventure) and "Witch Trinity: The Calling" (the first character-switching SIV). Get an Interactive Pass for full access.

Remote Interactive Display (RID): Connect mobile devices with large displays for interactive presentations, meetings, and digital signage. (Free for InView members)

In-Show Advertising: Our innovative advertising seamlessly integrates into shows like "Gym BS," eliminating ad skipping and creating a more engaging experience.

We're always innovating:

Travel Lounge

Travel Lounge:
Explore destinations virtually with 360° interactive videos – perfect for travel companies and tourists.

InView Exhibitions

Exhibitions & Virtual Stage:
Showcase your artwork or stage performances using 360° interactive videos and engage your audience.


Interact with life-sized artist projections on a stage – a precursor to holographic experiences.

SIV Cinema

SIV Cinema:
Experience movies like never before with "Witch Trinity: The Calling," where you choose the character's perspective. Free for InView members!

SIV Theatre

SIV Theatre:
Our future plans include a dedicated SIV theatre and interactive stage productions.

Custom SIV

Custom SIV:
We create tailored SIV experiences for businesses, like virtual tours or interactive tutorials.

Join the movement:

• Support our Productions: Collaborate, sponsor, or fund our projects to help us grow.
• Become an Artist: Showcase your work on our platforms and connect with a wider audience.
• Custom SIV Solutions: Let us create an interactive experience to meet your business needs.

Contact us today! We'd love to hear from you and explore the possibilities of SIV together.

Productions and Services:


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