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We are 2b Acting

A new type of Digital Media and Theatre production company

Changing the world through creativity is a powerful concept that has the potential to inspire and transform. At its core, creativity is about pushing boundaries, thinking outside the box, and finding innovative solutions to problems. It is through creativity that new ideas are born, art is created, and progress is made. By harnessing the power of creativity, we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

A place for artists - The talents of artists are essential to our endeavor and this is why we focus on increasing opportunities for them to contribute in areas where digital media and theatre can be employed.

Digital Media
As you would expect, our digital media goes beyond the ordinary...more
Our productions are not restricted to the normal text, audio, video, and graphics. We’ve created projectorgram performances, we are developing hologram performances and interactive cinema. We now have RID and there is so much more to come from our work in this area. Expand your mind when you talk to us about our digital media productions.

The same goes for our theatre...more
To us, theatre is more than a live performance on a stage to an audience. Be it a large auditorium, arena or a crowded bar. Inside or outside. Performed to a few or tens of thousands. What we show pushes boundaries in terms of content, story or in the use of digital media. Not all, if any, of the actors will be real. Audience active participation may be required. We may use screens, smoke and mirrors. It will not be ordinary. Not circus events but theatre to inspire and encourage critical thought. Challenging art to change the world.

Join us as we explore the endless possibilities and unlock the potential of creativity.

To achieve our goal of using technology to grow new markets for artists we currently specialise in Selective Interactive Video (SIV) productions. This awesome technology opens new avenues for creativity in business and entertainment.

Selective Interactive Videos (SIV)

Unique experiences

For entertainment and business. 2b Acting is the home of SIV productions. Videos are no longer a medium where you just watch. SIV adds 'Selection' and 'Interaction' to video content so viewers can get deeper and more engaging experiences. Said another way - We give videos super powers

Want to know more about SIV?

Read our SIV guides. They are an ideal way to learn how this technology can inspire, educate and entertain. They show how to make videos a more engaging experience. Any type of video can be converted to SIV. The guides explain the advantages and benefits. Enhance your Music videos, Training videos, Explainer Videos, Promotion videos and more.

Introducing RID

We have used SIV to create our awesome REMOTE INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS (RID) service...

About RID

About RID

Awesome new service. Make your videos interactive.



Connect with your audience. Get instant feedback.

Public Videos

Public Videos

Impulse shopping made easy. They just watch, listen and buy.



Management and accurate record keeping.



Updated information in your hands.

Video Broadcast

Video Broadcast

Display your videos and let others connect.

Is there any sense in the weirdness of the weird?


To see RID in action you must experience RID 101. It’s your daily dose of cryptic cosmic messages, but here’s the twist: the message won’t resonate with everyone. It’s like a celestial tuning fork, seeking out the one soul in the vast universe for whom it holds profound meaning.
Is that you?

RID: Super Powers

RID: Super Powers

RID: Super Powers

RID: Super Powers

Using SIV has created real opportunities...more

RID and InView builds on our previous work that shows what can be done. Your support in these and other areas is welcomed and always appreciated.



Our InView channel is where you can experience our growing collection of exclusive SIV productions. You can preview most of what's on InView for free and unlock full interactivity when you are ready by purchasing an Interactive Pass .

Along with Space Vorilex :A continuous 360 interactive video roleplay action space adventure, there are amazing ground-breaking shows which includes a number of first, such as the first 360 Interactive Video Sitcom, Gym BS, and one of the first made-for-internet soap drama, Today and Tomorrow

For a bit of light relief check out our latest release - CAN YOU SEE IT?: Have fun with these optical illusions and compare what you think you see with what others think they saw.

For more of what's on InView read our ON INVIEW magazine or jump now to InView's home page and start discovering.


Less than 10% of artists are able to make a living from their talent, mainly due to limitations in their opportunities. However, our hubs aims to change that by being places with continuous creative productions to provide artists, especially actors, with the chance to apply their skills in various disciplines and expand their horizons.

By breaking free from the restrictions imposed on them, artists will have the chance to explore new markets and unleash their unlimited creativity. Join us in this exciting journey towards a future where every artist can find professional opportunities so that creativity thrives.

For creativity sake we truly want every actor 2b Acting.

We open our first hub in late 2024, with plans to have eight more operational by 2028. Your support in helping to achieve this is needed and appreciated.

Note: When we use the term artists we refer to any individual with the talent to produce work that inspire, engage, amaze or has an impact on individuals, communities or society. Artists can come from or be involved in traditional or untraditional areas, be it in business or entertainment. We support them all.


Making it happen

By creating new markets and growing our InView audience we are changing the world through creativity.

Join us:

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