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The Automated Concierge Service (ACS) allows your hotel guests to access hotel information and participate in promotions by interacting with publicly displayed videos on screens in hotel lobbies and on in-room TVs, using their mobile devices.


We are specilaist in Selective Interactive Video (SIV) and pleased to be using our award-winning SIV design tool to deliver the ACS for you to offer an unbeatable luxury hospitality lifestyle data capture and customer management system.


Our ACS for hotels is new to the hospitality industry and therefore an opportunity to get ahead of competitors. The service has been specially designed for hotels to better understand customer requirements and to utilise this information to improve customer satisfaction.


Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. This enables us to offer a fully managed support service to maximise the benefits.

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The need for an automated concierge service



"The use of marketing automation platforms has surged, and the most successful businesses are now embracing real-time analytics to optimize how they engage each individual buyer." - Vala Afshar Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce

With the mounting research data supporting the benefits of video and more recently interactive video it is time to start taking advantage. Our ACS for hotels puts video at its center making these benefits available to you today.



High class hotels generally offer a concierge service to assist guests by performing various tasks such as advising on where to go, what to see and do, making restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, recommending night life hot spots, booking transportation, etc.

The concierge service is a great way to ensure guests get the most from their stay and leaves satisfied. It is also an ideal way to build trust and obtain information to assist with marketing. Automating the concierge service is therefore an ideal way to improve customer engagement and open marketing opportunities.



Hotels have hospitality at the core of their mission.

Hotels are passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences. Our ACS for hotels aligns with this demand and is a beacon of innovation making a visible statement of an hotel's commitment to this mission.


Hotels have made large investment in providing guests with in-room entertainment.

Making best use of current resources/technology is therefore a key element of the ACS for hotels in that it is deigned to work with existing display equipment with a simple connection to an internet ready PC. Your guests can take advantage of on-demand information and promotions in the comfort of their rooms.

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Book a consultation

Our Automated Concierge Service is new to the hotel industry and is changing the interface with customers to improve engagement and assist hotels in improving revenue streams.

For a limited period, we are offering a free consultation on the use of the Automated Concierge Service so hotels can make the most of the benefits and ensure the right adjustments are made to operations and processes.

The consultation will show how hotels can utilise the ACS to:

  • Increase hotel guests sales – Maximising on how much guests spend is an important part of hotel management and the consultation reviews the methods to improve product and service sales.

  • Raise Third Party Income – Recognising that you have a constant stream of guests the consultation highlights how the ACS can open access to raise revenue from third-party advertising or affiliate sales.

  • Improve Customer Engagement. The consultation identifies the best methods of configuring the ACS to offer measurable customers engagement options to encourage loyalty and brand support initiatives.

The consultation is delivered using SKYPE and is suitable for hotel General Managers, Sales Managers and Executives, Hotel Owners, Customer Managers and Marketing Executives, looking to determine how the ACS can aid their deliverables and assist in achieving targets.

Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

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We expect our Automated Concierge service for hotels to provide you with the following results. Click on the images below to discover more.

Improve sales through an increase in the take up of promotion offers to improve your RevPar and GopPar results.

Increase your revenue

Improves bookings from reminders and better understanding of guests’ needs.

Increase your bookings

Third party income from the sale of advertising / promotion opportunities through the ACS opening a vast opportunity for pursuing advertising within the solution.

Grow third party income

Use of existing display screens and in-room TV system to improve their Return On Investment.  Now you can make more of what you already have.

Improve your ROI

Development of a bespoke system to offer a branded service recognized by your customers.  Having something that stands out can make all the difference.

Build brand loyalty

Customer communication system that could become an integral part of business management.  Knowing your customer's requirements can go a long way to determine how best to structure your business.

Better communication with your guests

Measures and Improves customer satisfaction and engagement. Meaningful reports collect from data based on system use rather than subjective feedback surveys.

Improve engagement data

Our operational support makes it simple for you to offer your guests a quality automated concierge service without the need for extensive system support investment.  Take advantage of our fully managed service and avoid challenges of integration, management time and learning curve.

Fully managed service


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We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please use the form below to make contact:

Because customer engagement is important


To experience the benefits of using our Automated Concierge service please book a consultation. When we receive your request we will contact you to agree a suitable date and time.


Pay the setup fee using Paypal to start your Automated Concierge configuration. When payment is confirmed we will contact you to finalise the system requirements and agree a go live date.


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