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Space Vorilex

Space Vorilex! Now on InView

The first 360 Interactive continuous roleplay space adventure

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Selective Interactive Videos (SIV)

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For entertainment and business. 2b Acting is the home of SIV productions. Videos are no longer a medium where you just watch. Our creative `Selection` and `Interaction`, when combined with video content, bring life to videos allowing deeper and more engaging experiences - The future of videos.

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Released as a free Blog our SIV guide is an ideal way to learn how this technology can inspire, educate and entertain. It shows how to make videos more engaging. Any type of video can be converted to SIV. The guide explains the advantages and benefits. Enhance your Music videos, Training videos, Explanation Videos, Promotion videos and more.

Space Vorilex

Is our ground-breaking production. It is a 360 Interactive Roleplay Space Adventure where you play the role of a Selector working for the Agency to protect planet NOVA from renegade Artificial Intelligence (AI) units. You have the chance to solve clues, undertake missions and decide if becoming a Special Selector is the right or wrong thing to do, all whilst trying to find Kimiego - Discovering 'who or what' is Kimiego is part of the adventure.
This SIV is an excellent example of immersion. When you play it you will see how quickly you'll forget that you are watching. How quickly you will lose yourself in this exciting roleplay space drama. Total immersion is almost like living another life.


When we say ground-breaking, we mean it. We have split the Space Vorilex story into two parts. The SIV plays on InView a story you will discover only by finding and following the clues. And the back story is contained in a book, soon to be published on Amazon. You will need to know some of this story to play the SIV. If you can't wait for the book we are releasing it as Extracts on a Podcast updated every two weeks. The Podcast is read by AI generated voices (well it is an AI story). The voices of Ryan and Sonia takes you on an exciting journey to make this a one-of-a-kind production.

Like Adventures?

Like Adventures?

Like Adventures?

Like Adventures?


Our InView channel is where you can experience our growing collection of exclusive SIV productions. You can preview most of what's on InView for free and unlock full interactivity when you are ready by purchasing an Interactive Pass .

Along with Space Vorilex there is a growing collection of amazing ground-breaking shows. There are also a number of first, such as the first 360 Interactive Video Sitcom, Gym BS, and one of the first made-for-internet soap drama, Today and Tomorrow

For a bit of fun check out our latest release - FIND IN TEN: Find In Ten questions the intensity of your relationship, with your friend or partner. How well do you know each other?

For more of what's on InView download and read a FREE copy of our ON INVIEW magazine or jump now to InView's home page and start discovering.

Creative Hubs

Our mission is to use new technology such as SIV and AI to grow the market for professional actors ans artists. Part of this is the establishment of creative hubs. We open our first hub in 2024, with plans to have 8 operational by 2028. The hubs is where we create SIV productions to serve new markets. In this way we can provide professional artists with first step work. It is easier for them to make it in the industry and grow their careers, when they have professional experience. Our hubs will provide that.

Making it happen

By creating new markets for SIV and growing our InView audience we are spreading the word and taking SIV mainstream.
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Our Hubs - New Markets

Changing the world through creativity

A revolution in solutions. Creativity with the world's best SIV engine, will see the development of new markets across a range of industries to support our creative hubs. SIV is a very versatile product so to start our focus is on productions in four areas:

ACS for Hotels There are over 250,000 hotels around the world greeting millions of guests annually. The ACS uses SIVs, shown on devices and screens, to connect guests with information, entertainment and services. An exciting brand new SIV production market. To find out more contact us or visit our dedicated ACS page and read the articles.

IPV Displays We are looking forward to introducing our Interactive Digital Signage service that we are calling Interactive Public Videos (IPV). IPV are special SIVs shown on a large screen, displayed in public spaces or in shop windows to connect with passing viewers' mobile devices. This gives the public instant access, on demand, information or assist them in making selection or buying decisions. An ideal notification, marketing and sales tool. Contact us for more details.

SIV Cinema Selective Interactive productions enjoyed by a cinema audience. The SIV decides what the audience see and hear as the movie plays. Can be different endings, different characters, different story plots, etc. It can also interact with phones using augmented reality overlays or with 360 videos. The designs are endless and we believe the experiences should see a revival in the number of cinema goers.

SIV Business We work with businesses from all sectors to develop tailored SIVs to benefit their organisation and drive improvements. Visit our Custom SIV page for examples and contact us to discuss possible collaborations.

"Changing the world with creativity"


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