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2b Acting

Changing the world through creativity

We are a digital media and theatre company specialising in Selective Interactive Video (SIV) productions for business and entertainment.
What this means is we do cool things with video and use them to create new work opportunities.


Founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, we have produced and shown some amazing and challenging stage plays with support from organisations such as the Arts Council England, The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, ITV local, Venus TV and Leeds City College, to name just a few.

Our last play, 'For the Love of Oranges', in October and November 2017, was the first to use our Selective Interactive Video App as part of the performance - a demonstration of how we plan to keep pushing boundaries, even on stage.

Our work in Digital Media started in 2007 with the production of one of the first web series Today and Tomorrow. Ground breaking, we were among the first to develop and release creative Apps on Apple App store and release DVDs and books on Amazon.


We never follow the crowd, so in 2018 we've released The Actors Script our magazine to support professional actors in finding and keeping work. We have shown the first projectorgrams event (interactive video projections) - now available for bookings and we have now launched InView to show our interactive productions. On InView, we start with comedy monologues and Today and Tomorrow series 3 and have some really exciting shows to come, including a brand new interactive series of Today and Tomorrow - the first ongoing selective interactive video series involving actors from around the globe.


As a not-for-profit company, our story is a simple one. We believe creativity is the key to unlocking potential. Our mission, therefore, is to use technology to open new markets for actors to ply their trade and benefit economically and creatively from their talents.

By creating new markets we will provide more opportunities and in this way we will achieve our objective of changing the world through creativity.

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